When You Cum But He’s Still Topping



What he says: “I’m bored haha”

What he really means: “FUCK ME PLEEEAAASE!!!!!

Before my friend leaves for Vegas

  • Friend: Okay don't have too many guys over while I'm gone
  • Me: If by guys you mean pizza then I'm not keeping any promises.


Men are awful as soon as they think they can get some it’s all “oh I only ever had feelings like this with you” “oh I fancy you” and when you outta they life “oh I’ve only loved you” to the next bloke they with


did you ever think about a cute boy to the point where you


Reblog if you’re sometimes too gay to get out of bed.

"Your voice is so gay!"


I can’t fucking help it.


Let’s be real I haven’t choked on wood since I was 16, this was a near death experience for me


Also, I feel like I’m an emotionally stunted teenager, why don’t I have the balls to just tell the guy I like, that I like him… I want to see him all the time which sometimes weirds me out because we’re not even ‘dating’… 


Is it sad I just wanna lay in bed all day watching HBO, Netflix, porn, jack off, eat too much and be on tumblr all day?


All I want in life Is a great guy

With an 8 inch dick


you know you’re gay when your phone autocorrects haha to gaga